quick post

Quick mid-day update. Went to a positively *fascinating* seminar about using emotion in writing, spent a significant part of the hour thinking, “Boy, I really need to go back and work on that in MD,” then went to lunch with Karen Duvall and Margie Lawson (who was the delightful woman whom Anne Tupler introduced me to last night, and who also gave the seminar on emotion, and met M… damn, I’ve done it again. I want to say Marcie but I’m not sure that’s right. Anyway! Met one of the women who judged MD, who saw my finalist ribbon (they gave us ribbons to stick on our nametags), said, “Who are you, who are you, no no, what did you *write*!” and I said Manifest Destiny, and she SHRIEKED and clutched my arm and said, “I *LOVED* your story!”

And then told me all the things that were wrong with it — mostly that I really needed more emotion in my writing. *laugh* So I was pretty damned pleased about that.

She said they’re opening RMFW back up for non-Rocky-Mountain states people to belong, so I do believe I’ll be becoming a member as soon as that happens.

This has been *such* a cool con so far.

More later!