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MANIFEST DESTINY for the Writer’s Weekend Contest is in the… well. The envelope, anyway, if not the actual mail. I’m thinking of submitting ANGLES, too.

It has not been a writeful month. Hell, it hasn’t been a writeful several months, at this point. I think FOOL’S GOLD sucks and I can’t figure out what to do about it; writing my outline … didn’t help. I have no momentum, no … *oomph* behind it. I’m not actually a real fan of putting aside projects because they’re not working, although I did put aside 7&9 earlier this year. That’s not because it wasn’t working, though; it just hadn’t percolated enough. I mean, it *wasn’t* working, but I know the /reason/ it wasn’t working is that I didn’t have a firm enough grasp on the world setting.

It’s possible that the reason I feel FG isn’t working is because I don’t feel like I’ve got the … emotional depth in writing that I feel like I need for the story. I feel like I’m too far away from the guts of the thing, and I’m not sure how to get /in/ to the guts.


This, among other things, is why I’d like to get an MFA. I’d like to spend some time with a teacher (teachers) and learn more about the craft of writing.

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