Redeemer ho!

I got REDEEMER into Scrivener today, did some edits (there’s a thing I’m trying to do with it which will almost certainly take seven thousand edit passes and I will still not entirely succeed), and actually wrote a thousand words, which is pretty remarkable, because I am no Alexandre Dumas; I do not finish one book, reach for a fresh sheet of paper, and begin writing the next.

Except I truly do have an extraordinary amount to do by the middle of the year to reach the (far too ambitious) goals I have, and would like to try to continue to make actual writing progress while trying to do revisions and write thingies. Synopses.

There’s basically no chance of it actually happening, as new words, revisions and synopses all essentially use All My Brain, but I’m trying to catch up with a friend of mine who’s written well over 120K already this year and if I stop forward motion I’ll never catch up. :)

Anyway, it was nice to dip my toes in a little, and if I can somehow manage even just 1k a day I might get some momentum going, which would be great. :)

ytd wordcount: 77,100