Apparently I have a BOOK OUT!

I legitimately thought DEATH IN IRISH ACCENTS was out next Tuesday, but IT CAME OUT ON TUESDAY! Somebody tagged me on Twitter & I was like “oh they must have an advanced readers copy” and then somebody else did and then somebody ELSE did and I was like “wait” and APPARENTLY i have a BOOK OUT this week! °o°

DEATH IN IRISH ACCENTS is available at Amazon || Barnes & Noble || Kobo || Apple now!

After a long streak of avoiding murder investigations, Dublin limo driver Megan Malone thought her life had finally settled . . . but even her Irish luck can’t keep her out of trouble forever.

It’s been over a year since Megan found herself entangled in a murder—much to everyone’s relief, including her girlfriend Jelena and Detective Paul Bourke. So when a body of a young woman quite literally lands in her lap at her favorite Dublin café, Megan tries to do the right thing and leave the crime-solving to the police so she can enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. After all, she has no connection to the victim. Or does she?

Megan’s latest client, world-renowned romance novelist Claire Woodward, is fascinated by Megan’s own history of catching killers. Claire also just happens to be the murder victim’s literary mentor. So maybe Megan can just sort of stay on the periphery of the case while trying to help out? Just a wee bit without causing too much fuss? Even Detective Bourke would approve since he has personal reasons not to trust Claire. The investigation leads Megan to the victim’s writing group, who think that Claire has plagiarized the poor young lady’s work. And when another member of the group is found dead, Megan will have to step up her sleuthing before the killer decides to write her off for good.

This book has a lot of sentimental value for me. The cafe, Accents, was my writing cafe until it was a victim of the pandemic. I’d always intended to set the 4th book in the series around Accents, and decided I was going to ANYWAY, even if it’s not there anymore. At least it can live on in fiction. And the baristas lent me their names for the book, which was delightful and charming of them, so they, too, are immortalized in thanks for all the wonderful hours I spent there. ♥

A number of my writer friends also lent their names to this book, which made it great fun to write. I love it all so much. *beams*

DEATH IN IRISH ACCENTS is available at Amazon || Barnes & Noble || Kobo || Apple now!

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