Release Day: WEAR WOLF!

WEAR WOLF is available now!

I have to tell you that I am already–like, this is cool. Before the book even came out, I had a couple of people comment about the fact that my hero in this book is face-blind (has prosopagnosia), because they’d never seen a character with that disability before. I’ve had a couple more people comment since, and I’m really pleased to have brought a kind of representation to peoples’ attention with this book. I’m aphantasic (I don’t see pictures in my head), which is not unrelated to face-blindness, although I’m not actually prosopagnosiac (IDK if that’s actually a word, I might have just made it up*) myself, so I have some personal sense of not holding an image of…well, anything, actually…in my head, and hope I’ve done a reasonably good job depicting the condition.

Anyway! The book is out now, contains a hero with a lesser-known disability/condition, and also, oh, some of you might notice Noah’s only six in this, when he was eight in the recent Buck the Halls — you will correctly guess that WEAR WOLF is set about 18 months before Buck, shortly after HOLD MY BEAR, but like all the Virtue stories, is a standalone HEA that can be read in any order. :)


Where oh WEAR could she be?
Wolf shifter and fashion designer Zane Bellamy has a secret: he’s ‘face-blind,’ unable to recognize people easily no matter how often he’s seen them.

Victoria Hawthorne has a secret, too, but she’s a long-term substitute teacher, and if she’s learned anything from teaching first graders, it’s that the best way to keep a secret is to not tell anybody. She and Zane have that in common…but absolutely nothing else.

Haute couture collides with ordinary life when Vicki wins a dress design by Zane himself. She knocks him off his feet when they meet…and even so, his face-blindness means he won’t recognize her the next time they see each other!

Vicki has no real plans to put down roots, especially because some of Virtue’s founding families make it clear outsiders are unwelcome—although her students, especially six-year-old Noah Brannigan—don’t seem to feel the way the town elders do.

But when local-boy-made-good Zane returns to make her gown, everything changes in a heartbeat—even as Vicki fears there’s no way this instant attraction can turn into something lasting. And although Zane can’t deny the connection he has with Vicki, he’s never really believed in fate…until circumstances run out of his control and he realizes he’s about to lose everything. But thanks to Noah’s interference, Zane might have one last chance to make it right with Vicki, and earn their fairy tale ending.

Love is blind in WEAR WOLF, a charming, steamy standalone that will have you in stitches with a guaranteed happily ever after and no cliffhangers. If you’re looking for charming, funny paranormal shifter romance, buy now and fall in love with the Virtue Shifters!

*Thor: All words are made up dot gif