roguetoruin & other stuff

Ok, I feel I have now done my bit for King and Geekdom, or something. I found a perfectly awesome Rogue graphics site a month or two ago, and now that I’ve got all set up on 100megs, I emailed the (girl?; she uses the name Tenshiblue, and I associate Tenshi with Angie, so I’m assuming it’s a girl. Could be wrong, though.) running the site and offered her some space on, since I can set up subdomains lickity-split, and because, well. No pop-up adds, and stuff. To my great delight, she emailed back and said she’d take any space I could spare, so I set up (at which there is presently nothing, at least as of this posting). I feel quite happy and smug about all this. :)

I did a very lazy swim tonight, but at least I did swim. Kudos to me. :)

swam: 2000 yards