rwa! is! war!

I have actually gone to a local RWA meeting!

It was nice. The coolest thing was that Lani, who was the woman who talked to Shaun last fall when she was doing NaNoWriMo, and whom I emailed a few times, was there, and she has just sold her NNWM novel (I hate her) to Warner Books, so that’s really *really* neat. So it was cool to meet her! :)

There were 7 people there, which isn’t a very *large* number (and, okay, I’m spoiled, because the only meetings I’ve ever been to before were with Sarah in Sacramento, and there were /dozens/ of people at each meeting) and everybody seemed quite nice, and there are two published authors (plus Lani) and a couple of people who are just starting out, and the very nice president of the local chapter, none of whose names I remember.

No, that’s not true. The two published authors are Wendy and Tracie; the newer women are Deb and J…Julianne? Something like that. And the president’s name … has entirely escaped me. We did a writing exercise in which we wrote a logline for a book we’d either written or were working on, so I did one for HoS, and that was actually kind of cool. Oh, what was it? This:

“Margrit Knight has found the perfect man — only he’s a gargoyle, and wanted for murder.”

Anyway, so yeah, it was pretty nice, and I think I’ll go again. :)

Came home and took Chanti on a mile-long walk and then Ted played fetch with her until she was too pooped to play anymore, which was pretty funny.

miles to Rivendell: 124.7