The thing about salads is I don’t really like them. Except Super Supper Salads, which are Very Best.

Super Supper Salads, as you might guess, are a dinner salad. They’re very easy to make. You take a couple kinds of lettuce and toss them together on a dinner plate. You put a spoonful of tuna fish (I mix mine up into tuna salad, which probably loses in the health benefits side but wins in the taste department) in the middle of this. You drop some tomato eighths artistically around the edges of the plate, alternating with quarters of a hard-boiled egg. You grate a bit of cheese over this, fetch four Ritz crackers from the pantry, and et voila, you have dinner!

In fact, usually you have too much dinner. :) Salad dressing isn’t really required, because you have bunches of flavors mixing up and it’s not all dry, which is, I think, the main reason people use dressing. Lettuce is sort of … dull.

Anyway, yum!