Saturday! Saturday, we went to the annual blues festival, Blues on the Green. We did not anticipate it being windy enough to blow tents over. We ate some funnel cakes, looked around at the tent city that had sprung up, and decided that discretion was the better part of valor and beat a hasty retreat to my parents’ house, where we discovered not a tarp, which we had intended to discover, but instead the tent that they’ve apparently been storing for me for six years or so. Tent in hand, we went back to our house, got cloaks and warm fuzzies and went back out to Kincaid Park, where we wrestled with putting the tent up (the photo isn’t really me in a tent that’s been blown over; we were putting it up, and I was lying inside it acting as ballast, and it /did/ flop over on me, which made me laugh and laugh and laugh) for what Laura claims was an entire hour, which is wholly possible.

So, in barely fifty-degree weather, with huge gusts of wind pushing the tent into our hair, we sat around listening to blues music, playing Guillotine, tying Laura’s hood shut, looking contrite about tying Laura’s hood shut, and other various sillinesses which aren’t actually in a navigable webpage yet, but that’s okay.

Alaskans are very very strange people, though. I mean, it was really *cold* out there, and yet we were determined to hang out in a *tent* for several *hours* so we could listen to the musicians and — well. It was a lot of fun. *laugh* Laura thought it was all very weird and silly too. :)

Oh, and here the tent turned into a gelatinous cube which tried to eat Laura! Bad bad tent!