several 100 dayses

We’re up to day 8 of our #100DaysOfWriting. So far I’ve had a couple days where I’ve really ONLY done 100 words, but I haven’t missed one yet! I suspect I feel a sense of obligation due to having ended up sort of spearheading the 100 Days effort here, but that’s really good for me. It’s made me get things done on days I wouldn’t have otherwise (including today…).

I’m also working–well. Sort of working toward. Several other 100 Days projects. 100 days of DuoLingo, just because I’m most of the way there already, frankly, although I’ve really not made any forward progress since mid-December. I’m just holding my place. I need to spend more time doing it, but hey, as long as I keep it fresh it’s more than I had before.

There’s also a kind of 100 Days of Fitness thing going on in my head, although it’s clearly not 100 Days Of Going To The Gym. I might edge toward that, but right now I’m working on 3-5 days a week, which would be a lot more than I’ve been doing. 30 minutes, which is about how much time I have, isn’t really satisfactory for me, for a workout window. 40 is better. 45 is good. I did get my bike stuff sorted out, so I could in theory cycle to the gym instead of relying on the extremely unreliable bus, which would not only give me more control over my workout window but would also provide a half hour of cycling daily. That’d be good, wouldn’t it? We’ll see. :)

And there’s 100 Days of No Sugar, which was going well for about 3 days and then I found the mint thins I got for Christmas. Well, I’m almost done with them now. O.O (Also Ted’s birthday is next weekend, and there will be German chocolate cake, so, y’know. But post-cake I might get quite serious about 100 days of no sugar. Yes I might. I MIGHT. IT COULD HAPPEN.

I’ve even done tin whistle practice with Young Indiana the past couple days. Not very much, but gosh. I bet if I did 100 days of that in a row (well, okay, more than 2 minutes of it :)) I’d get passing dacent. :)

A friend of mine discovered a to-do/timekeeping app that…is as close to the thing I’ve been looking for as I’ve ever seen. It’s called SkedPal and it’s kind of expensive, but I’ve been using it a few days and I’m getting my schedule on it more filled out and it’s…well, right now I’m Getting Things Done. I don’t know if it’ll last. I wish it had a 30 day trial instead of a 2 week one, but…so far I’m getting things done, and I feel like it’s helping me to.

Anyway, part of the reason I mention it is because one of its features is a “streak” feature, which does not mean running naked through the app but instead means it shows you how many days in a row you’ve Done The Thing, which is…potentially a useful tool for 100 Days type projects!