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the essential kit

I was obliged to go buy a couple more pinup girl dresses today, due to having a gift certificate that was about to expire. Now I have something to wear to EasterCon. I’ll have to do something about my hair, I expect, but yay fun clothes! :)

I am even at this very moment failing to watch new Castle. *sigh* I’ve been remembering all week that the first new episode was on tonight, and at the critical moment, I forgot. Woe. We’re recording it when it re-airs tomorrow night, but in the meantime my mom will have seen it FOR A WHOLE DAY before I get to! Woe!

I took the weekend off from work, after doing 50K in about 8 days. Back at it now, at a somewhat slower rate than expected, but the book has crept over 80K. Which is dismaying, since it needs to be 100K and I’m doing the wrap-up now, but I have a fairly good idea of what I need to go back and fix to bring it up to count. In the meantime, people are shrieking with agony over the end of MOUNTAIN ECHOES, so I guess I’ve done something right.

Speaking of which, I blew through GLASS HOUSES, the first of Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampie books, on Monday. OMG THE END OF THAT BOOK! O.M.G! It doesn’t END, it STOPS MID-SCENE! Practially mid-sentence! So of course I went and shrieked at Rachel about it on Twitter and she howled with glee. :)

I have, through no intention of my own, gotten quite a lot of extra sleep the past couple of days. I should capitalize on this by going to bed now, instead of staying up all night reloading my Facebook page.

G’night, then.

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