in sickness & in writing

Yesterday my child, who had been a grumpy cuddlebutt for ages, climbed into my lap and suddenly went to sleep. And after a 90 minute nap, woke up, and went to bed at the usual time and slept for almost 12 solid hours, which never happens.

Still ain’t well around here, sez I.

Other than that…not much. :) I’m re-reading MAGIC & MANNERS in order to start writing on it again, and–faintly to my surprise–it’s charming. I don’t know why I’m always faintly surprised when I read something I wrote and think it’s good. :)

I’m also trying to retain a degree of practicality and not go tearing off to try to revise my nephew’s 3rd book in 24 miserable hours just because I could order print copies through Lulu at a discount right now. I’m pretty sure it needs more than 24 hours’ worth of work. @.@

I don’t know what else. I went to see Big Eyes, which was pretty good, and I have only 3 episodes left of s9 Supernatural to watch. I am living in the determined conviction, if not the actual knowledge, that they will be ending with season 10 and will be giving me my goddamn happily ever after (after 5 seasons I would have accepted a pyric victory; after a decade, I want the boys to be *happy*), and so I’m trying to catch up so I can see the last episode when it airs. Comma dammit. :)

Bed now. G’night, world.

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