silly fun day

So my Walker Papers editor, Matrice, is in Ireland this week. With some crazy last minute planning, we managed to meet up for lunch today in Kilkenny, which is about halfway between where she was and where I am.

I hopped on the train and had a lovely ride down, and got off the train grinning like a five year old full of anticipation. Matrice was waiting for me, and we had a little walk through Kilkenny town centre and found our way to the vicinity of the castle there.


We had an absolutely wonderful time. It had been nearly 3 years since we’d seen each other, so the tiny 90 minute window I had before needing to catch a train home wasn’t nearly enough, but it was great fun. Yay for quick bursts of crazy silly fun and for grandmas who babysit little boys so the crazy things can happen! :)

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