slaves in the family

So Mom’s been researching the Lee geneology, and we’re reasonably certain that we have a Richard Lee born in 1783 in North Carolina who is Ted’s great-to-the-Nth-uncle or possibly grandfather. Sadly, from the 1850 census and before, they don’t ask for names of children in the house, just ages, so it makes it harder to track back. Still, it appears that Ted’s people have been in the States a Long Darned Time! There’s a Stanford Lee who fought on the *Northern* side of the Civil War who is probably Ted’s great-great-great-great-grandfather, which is extra-interesting ’cause they were slave owners, back in the day. I can’t wait to find out more! It’s all very interesting!

I went to swim today, although I had a Bad Feeling that the pool would be closed, so I asked Ted to wait a few minutes before he left, so I could come back out if it was closed. I went in and looked at the bulletin board carefully, and saw no indication that the pool was closed, so I changed into my swimsuit and showered and went to the door to the pool–

–upon which was posted a piece of paper saying that the pool was closed. *sigh* By that time it was far too late to catch Ted, so I dawdled around and showered and still only managed to take about 17 minutes to get washed and dried and dressed. On the way out, I saw a posting on the bulletin board saying the pool was closed.

*more sighs*

So I farted around for 45 minutes and looked at class schedules and thought about going back to school and watched some cheerleaders and finally got to come home. And I was going to make ice cream, but since Ted made waffles this morning, there were not enough eggs!

But! I sent Shaun to buy eggs, and now he has, and so now, I will go make ice cream! Vroom!