Sleepy. Very, very sleepy. We went out and had some hot chocolate, which was nice, and wandered around Title Wave until my back hurt too much and we had to come home again. Oh, we got our totals from Title Wave, ended up with $110 in general credit and $294.25 in pocket credit. Ye gods and little fishes. They must’ve taken damned near ALL the paperbacks!

I read Carol Berg’s TRANSFORMATION today, merely 18 or 19 months after I got it. It was very very good. She’s one of those writers who makes me want to poke my eyes out. :) And I think that takes me down to 63 books on my TBR list. I’m catching up! Sort of. Except for the books I have upstairs that aren’t on the actual TBR shelves. Maybe I shouldn’t think about that too much, though. :)

We’ve gotten about 7 inches of new snow this weekend. I’ve had enough, thanks. It’d be okay if it started melting and stopped accumulating now. That’d be all right. I wouldn’t mind. -.-

*rubs eyes tiredly* Ok, I’m gonna finish the rewrites for ch 1 HoS and then… I donno. Read a book or take a nap or something. Maybe vacuum. :) *yawn*