Poor Ted. He came home after 9 last night, went to bed a little after 10, and got up at 5 to go back to work. :( I know /he/ hasn’t had a weekend, but the extra weird thing is I don’t feel like I’ve had one either. I haven’t had my Ted around! Wah! I hope he gets the stupid backup problem fixed today. Poor Ted. :(

I’ve decided that if I ever win an Oscar, I’m just going to steal from previous Oscar-winners speeches. First I will acknowledge, like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, that it’d really suck not to win, but that winning was really scary. Then, like Kim Basinger, I’d thank everybody I ever met in my entire life. And then, like Adrien Brody, I’d kiss Halle Berry.

I think that’d be good. Yeah. *nodnod* :)