28.6 inches of snow in about 26 hours, which blew away Anchorage’s previous snowfall record, set in 1955, of 15 inches in 24 hours. I haven’t seen this much snow at once since my senior year in high school. Schools are closed today, including UAA, which means I can’t go swim! *fnrt*!

We got up at 7am yesterday because the cats were being horrible and MEOWMEOWMEOWing and Ted went to feed them and said he was just going to get up, and that there was a foot of new snow, and I got up and we looked out the window at the paper guy who’d gotten his station wagon stuck, and I went to put some clothes on to go help him and we ended up digging out six cars, which is to say I helped with three and then my not-actually-insulated-boots permitted my toes to become very cold, so I came inside and Ted stayed out another half hour and unstuck three more cars. One of the guys we helped was a vet (he had disabled vet plates, that’s how we know) and Ted, very irritatedly, said, “That guy must’ve been an officer, because he couldn’t take directions worth a damn,” when he came in.

Then we took our new 4WD Jeep Cherokee out and mocked the snow. :) Wasn’t it *nice* of the weather to give us a snowstorm right after we bought a new truck that could handle it? *laugh*

I think I have to go take some photos of what my uncle Packy would call “a real fucking winter wonderland” before it warms up much more and it all melts. Today it’s clear and gorgeous and sunny and beautiful. And snowy. :)