Boy, did I have to psych myself into writing this morning. I got up okay and sat down and wrote a little and then was like *blaaaaaaaaah*. blah blah blaaaaaaaaah. Spent some time futzing around, futz futz. Did imaginary wordcount adding and dividing and got up to blow my nose a couple of times. You know, the kind of thing you do when you don’t want to be writing, but there’s somebody sleeping in the house so you can’t run the vacuum cleaner. *futz futz blaaaaaaah* Finally said, “Okay, you’re at 625 words, you can stop at 700.” ‘course, then I was at 725 words and I might as well go on to 800, and then I was at 925 and at that point I might as well finish up the 1100 for the day so I can work on TQB tonight if I want to. So I ended up with like 1220 for the morning, and I actually know the next several lines, so getting started again shouldn’t be quite so slodgy. I hope.

I intend to finish ch. 3 of TQB by month’s end. The first three chapters are right on schedule to come in at twenty thousand words. Three chapters. 20K. What am I, *nuts*? Next week will be busy, because I’ll need to get started on ch. 4 and also edit 1-3 so I can send ’em off to the proto-editor. And also keep writing on TB, of course.

Okay. Working now!

ytd wordcount: 37,550