So we have to move. Again.

So we have to move. Again.

Our landlord died and the people who inherited the house have decided to sell it. (Precisely the same thing is happening to my sister right now.)1qq We don’t know when exactly we have to be out, but we have to be out. We also don’t know where exactly we’re going to end up, because the median rent in Dublin is more than we’re currently paying, which is more than we can actually afford, which means: not Dublin. Ted’s job is north of Dublin, so unless circumstances change, we’ll be going north. Somewhere. But most of the commutable distances are also getting vastly more expensive because nobody can afford to live in Dublin! It’s all very exciting.

I have, and I am not joking, a 70 point Preparation For Moving bullet list. (I counted. It really is 70 points.) I’ve spent the past ten days or so working on it. Much of it–most of it–is a room-by-room “get rid of stuff” list, with details on what I need to do/have/accomplish to Get Rid Of Things. This bullet list does not, sadly, include, say, packing, or finding somewhere to live. Or, indeed, me getting any actual work done.

I’m getting a tiny bit of work done anyway. I’m working on the crossover/fan fiction by the authors themselves/mashup Greywalker Papers story with Kat Richardson, and it’s GREAT FUN. It’s not, though, revising either book I have to finish revising, or writing REDEEMER, which was supposed to be my May project. The best-laid plans, etc etc etc.

The Get Rid Of Things side of things is going fairly well. I’m ripping CDs. We have a lot of great music we never listen to. I’m collapsing our TV on DVD into DVD wallets so it takes up about an eighth of the space it currently does, which will do my soul a gladness. I’m washing vast amounts of baby-and-small-child clothes and intend to bestow them upon other people. We have to do…something…about the graphic novels. Possibly re-read them all and see what we actually want to keep. So on and so forth for another 60 or so bullet points.

Anyway, the result of all this is I feel exceptionally un-bloggy, not so much that I don’t want to but almost literally all I’m doing is packing prep, which doesn’t make for a very exciting journal topic.

So, uh, that’s the fun going on here. How are you? O.O

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