So we went…

So we went to the state fair yesterday, and overall, thought it was pretty disappointing. I’d been hoping to find some good pottery on sale, but there were only two pottery booths at all, and the one that had stuff I rather liked wasn’t having a sale, so no luck there.

I did, however, get to have a roasted ear of corn. Yum. And it was an amazingly gorgeous day. I got a little bit of a sunburn and a bunch of new freckles. :) The whole thing — about 4 hours, total, with driving out there, fairing, and driving home — was quite tiring to me and my poor little old back. I took a nap when we came home, and poor Ted developed a migraine from being out in the bright merry sunshine. :/

After my nap, I went over to my parents’ house for dinner, and it turned out Mom spent all day yesterday injuring herself (she was washing the bathroom floor and caught her hair in a knob and pulled her braid loose, although that one didn’t /hurt/; she smacked a finger while making dinner and didn’t think anything of it until the blood started dripping; she tore her pinky fingernail beneath the quick, and then she tripped on the sliding door runner and jammed two toes, and when she lost her balance and stepped forward she hit the concrete at a bad angle and jammed another toe on her other foot), and of course I’m still kind of hobbling around, so among other things we got into this big discussion of stupid injuries, which came around to Dad talking about a time when he’d thrown his back out, and couldn’t walk, but he had to get up to go to the bathroom, and so he was lurching from one object to another, and in our oldold house, there was a doorway with a chinup bar in it, and a bookcase next to that, and Dad habitually balanced his hat on the chinup bar, because the distance between the bar and the top of the doorframe was just enough that it would hold the hat nicely, but as he lurched from object to object, he caught hold of the bookcase, and somehow the bump knocked his hat down, and it did one complete rotation in the air before landing *fwoomp*! on his head, exactly perfectly, which struck Dad as very very very funny indeed, so there he was, stuck in the doorway, clinging to the sides of it, unable to stand up straight, shaking with laughter, which of course hurt *more*…

That was a very long sentence. :)

I went to the chiro to be crunched this morning, and am a bit stiff now. Lying down at the moment; in a few minutes I’m going to put my socks on and go downstairs and try to *gasp* actually get some work done. How’s that for a concept?

It’s a beautiful day out. It’s also the first day of school. Apparently there was a big news report last night about the holy particular hell you’d catch for driving through 20mph school zones at faster than the posted speed. Something like a $450 fine for going 45mph, and 6 points off your license. So everybody was driving VEEEEERRRRRRRY slowly this morning. *laugh*

‘k, I should get some food and go to work now. Stupid back.