Sons of Anarchy & Jericho

I’ve had Sons of Anarchy highly recommended to me, and it stars Ron Perlman, so I watched the first episode a few nights ago. I didn’t like it very much–every single person in the story is a right bastard, and it’s clear the story will be about the evolution of Our Hero (Charlie Hunnam, aka “Hey, that’s the guy from Pacific Rim!”) from a right bastard into someone who does the right thing. It’s established straight off, particularly since we get to see him beat the shit out of somebody but balk at killing people more than once. Can’t let your hero be a cold-blooded murderer, like. Anyway, I’ll watch a few more episodes and see if I like it despite myself or if I just don’t want to go there.

The actual point of this is to say that I noticed a long time ago that Ron Perlman has gotten better-looking as I’ve gotten older (partly, I expect, to me being less of a callow youth judging on looks alone, but I think he’s actually aged supremely well, coming into that odd face of his in great ways), and his voice has always been knee-weakening, but Sons of Anarchy was the first time I ever did that non-verbal “God damn, I’d hit that,” tongue click thing upon seeing him. God damn, brotha. God *damn*.

And on the flip side, we watched the last couple episdoes of Jericho, which ended a lot more hopefully than I had ever imagined it would. Now I gotta read seasons 3 & 4 in comic book form so I can find out what happens next. :)

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