soooo tired!

last night we went out to girdwood to watch the young dubs play again. the opening act was…remarkable. we’ll leave it at that.

the dubs, however, as usual, rocked beyond belief. the sound was very good, and they did _two_ sets instead of the usual one, so i was _particularly_ glad that i’d been Sniky and had rented us a room overnight at the alyeska prince hotel. it was ridiculously expensive, but totally worth it. :) we had a total blast, got back to the hotel around 1:30 with ringing ears. lots and lots of fun. :) i woke up at a quarter to seven this morning and got up because if i hadn’t we’d still be sleeping. :)

the double musky was also very good. neither of us overate, which is unheard of. we showed _restraint_. go us! :) breakfast at the hotel was only adequate, though, oh well.

wish i could’ve weighed myself this morning, ’cause i bet between the dehydration and the sweating i was at about 153. :)

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