Spirit of the Century & ME!

So loads of you know that my friends, Evil Hat Productions (the good people who brought you the Dresden Files RPG) have also got an award-winning pulp fiction RPG called SPIRIT OF THE CENTURY. I mentioned their Kickstarter for their new fiction line a couple days ago. They’ve blown past the goals that will get subscribers the entire DINOCALYPSE trilogy by Chuck Wendig, and now they’re gonna go for The Big Stretch.

If they hit $15,000, they’ll be producing a stand-alone SotC pulp fiction novel by Atomic Robo creator Brian Clevinger. Brian will be writing about Benjamin Hu–think Sherlock Holmes from Hong Kong, running around like Indiana Jones as an olympic-class fencer.

And if they hit $20,000, I get to write the next one.

My character is Amelia Stone, the Spirit of Justice! She’s tough as nails, lives by her fists and her wits, and is so full of pulpy goodness I could squee. I’ve been desperately wanting to try my hand at crazy in-your-face no-holds-barred no-apologies-given pulp since I started reading the ERB Mars books, and this opportunity was too awesome to pass up. I cannot *wait* to give this a shot, and, well you guys aren’t going to let me down, right? You’re, er, going to go forth and, er, make me write another novel this year, right? You’re, um…

…I’ve done it to myself again, haven’t I. :)

No, really, I actually have the time to do this and I’m tremendously excited about the chance, so please! Go forth and help make it happen! There are loads of awesome rewards and exciting potential, and this is a crazy fun chance for me to do something I will probably never have another opportunity to do, so, um, I’m gonna be over here in the corner holding my breath while we wait to see what happens.

Watch the skies!

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