stargate, chiro, & stuff

I decided yesterday afternoon that I needed to go to the chiro, so I made an appointment and went over and my back went CRRRRRRSHT! CRRRRRRRSHT! And is a lot better now, except I stayed in bed too long this morning so it’s sort of stiff. After the chiro Ted and I drove around a bit and went to the comic shop, where I failed to be able to harrass (our favorite comic shop guy) Christopher (apparently he’s been holding out on me; evidently he’s an artist, and I want to ask him if he’s any good), and then we went and wandered around B&N for a while and didn’t buy anything. V. sad. Although I did see Catherine Asaro’s Luna book. :) Then we went to Best Buy and bought season 5 of Stargate, which prompted us to go home, have dinner, and watch the first DVD. Pretty entertaining. Shaun came home, we talked for a while, then Ted and I went to bed, tud. Where I stayed, as I said, for much too long.

Ted is off making Valentine truffles for the culinary club. I’m making myself grumpy by trying to get gyms around town to tell me how much their monthly fees and initiation fees and stuff are. Actually, the Powerhouse Gym people answered without being pains in my ass. The Alaska Club, as usual, put me through to a voice mail. Well, I don’t want to give them my damned phone number. I have my UAA gym membership, but I’d really like to be able to go to the gym at the same time every day so I could get into a regular schedule of it, and the UAA gym isn’t *open* at the same time every day. Well, I could go at 4pm MWF and on the weekends. Maybe I should do that. I don’t know. Mutter.

Anyway, I’m going to go write now. And eat some breakfast. Ta.