Starving. Plus full of bad dreams about Zilli going missing again. And I was lazy or lame or something this morning and didn’t get up for a walk and it’s beautiful and I’m wanting a do-over again. And lots of household grumpiness over the state of car insurance. And Sarah’s S&3s to Tor were rejected, so all in all a dismal morning.

A flaw in the design of the new bike is that I seem to slip forward at the hips, and pushing myself back upright has put a bruise on my spine from where the strap/bar intersects. I’m going to straighten the seat up a little more tonight and see if that helps.

The good news, though, is I got the hang of hills, at least, and managed every hill on the trail yesterday, including the giant half mile hill at Kincaid Park. That involved a lot of me thinking, “Push, push, push, push,” and gasping for air, but I did it.

I’m going to get some food, which will at least alleviate the starving grumpies.

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