stayin’ alive

*lurches out of the darkness, stares around wildly*

I’ve just finished up page proofs on MAGIC & MANNERS, which will be widely available…uh, pretty much as soon as there’s cover art. :)

Working on REDEEMER, having just reached the (hopefully) halfway point and having (definitely) gotten all the long-term recurring characters on the page. Except the one who isn’t introduced in this book but nevermind that.

Hosting American Thanksgiving at our place this Saturday (because for some inexplicable reason, the Irish don’t have next Thursday and Friday off work), and am soon going to go run around desperately cleaning the house for that event. We expect 40 people or so.

I have a bunch of half-written blog posts that I’ve meant to get scheduled to give some appearance of functionality and life over here, but I haven’t even been able to finish those. Clearly in need of…

…well, actually, lunch, right now, although that’s obviously not where this sentence was going in the first place.

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