stella, you mustn’t hurt me.

Stella, you mustn’t hurt me. Nor you neither, Silkie. There’ll be no TQB for a little while, because I need to write an outline for it. It’s going along fine on an interpersonal level, which is good because that’s the level the story happens at, but at the mechanical political level I don’t have enough of a grasp on it, and while I could perhaps continue on this way, it would SUCK. Ahem. :) So I’m gonna spend the next week or two working out the outline and then do whatever rewrites are necessary for that before plunging onward again.

In the meantime. Chomping at the bit to do HoS revisions. Goal: 1 chapter a day til it’s done. Deadline: April 30. Then sit on it for a month before looking at it again.

Sometime in there, presumably I will get my revision letter for Urban Shaman so that I can do those revisions. o.O

In other news, AUGH it’s SNOWING again. It’s TIME FOR SPRING NOW, PLEASE.

List of thinks to do over vacation:

1. go back through TQB and fix/add stuff
2. work on my shelves
3. vacuum the upstairs
4. read at LEAST four books
5. pick up dog poop (whee!)
6. read Iya & Not A Novel
7. finish ch 8 of TQB
8. email Karen’s cop contact
9. laundry
10. gym 3 times

Didn’t do so good on that list. Oh well.

ytd wordcount: 116,900