I made stew for dinner. It was really, *really* good. I mean, it wasn’t especially interesting or exciting stew, but Ted does the cooking at our house, and I kept thinking “Well, he’ll be home tonight to cook,” and then he kept having to work (he’s at work now. again. still. Sigh. Poor Ted. :() and it was somewhere around Thursday, after two weeks of eating out or eating food from a box, that I thought, “Gosh, maybe I should start cooking some meals.” I mean, I know, that’s sort of a long time-delay, but, er, I’m spoiled. :) And I’m just not /used/ to the idea of cooking, so it took sort of a long time to think of it. So around Thursday I thought, “I should make this stew meat into some stew,” but then Ted came home and said, “Want to go out to eat?” and so we did and then something similar happened on Friday and then on Saturday I went to a movie and ate there and so it wasn’t until today that there was really much /chance/ of me cooking, and the point of all that is that after two weeks of eating out, *jeez* is home-cooked food good. Ted ate too much just because it was home-cooked. :)

I also read another book, since my last posting. Clearly I am a very busy bee!