still busy!

Ridiculously beautiful day yesterday. We spent FAAAR more time at the zoo than expected, and saw Everything. Ev.Er.Ee.Thing. Attempted to go to the Botanic Gardens today. Well. Succeeded, actually, but got rained on so only went through the greenhouses and not all the grounds.

Tonight I made a strawberry rhubarb crumble. It was gorgeous.

I got some unexpected writing time in, and MAGIC & MANNERS is now up to 33.4K, which is nominally the 1/3rd mark. I think it’s probably even fairly close to *being* the 1/3rd mark. Support its continuation here! I’m about 7 chapters ahead right now, so you won’t get left in the lurch!

My year-to-date wordcount is about 143K. This is, no shit, about my total wordcount for last year. This year is better. o.O

I desperately hope that next week’s Agents of SHIELD does not disappoint me. It’s bound to, because they’re almost certainly going to do the one thing I wish they wouldn’t, but I can hope.

I have now seen Winter Soldier three times. It may keep getting better with each viewing. The woman next to me at the most recent viewing was not a superhero movie fan in general (not that she didn’t like them, she just didn’t go to them, apparently; she reported to her date afterward that she liked the movie), so she wasn’t prepared for Chris Evans’s shoulder to hip ratio (but then, who is?) and gave an audible sort of laughing gasp when we first get a look at him in that grey t-shirt. :)

My potatoes are sprouting!

Also we had two bicycles stolen out of our back garden over the weekend. :p

Almost Human has been cancelled, but it can’t hurt to sign a petition to try to rescue it, right?

I bought a pair of new tennies on March 31st. I noticed yesterday that they were falling apart. I went in to complain today, despite not having my receipt, and they said if I could bring in a bank statement with the purchase on it they’d get me sorted, so that’s awesome. I mean, I walk a lot, but come *on*!

Which reminds me I need to thingy my fitbit. Recharge.

Okay. Must go figure out tomorrow’s schedule. End of the line, as a friend always says.