strawberry rhubarb deliciousness

Iiiiiii have made an aaaaaaamaaaaaaazing batch of strawberry rhubarb jam.

Ted, who likes zingy strawberry/rhubarb jam, thought there wasn’t enough rhubarb in mine generally, so I did half and half instead of favouring the strawberries, and it’s rrrrrrrrrrrrrreeaaaaaaaaaallllly good.

I used jam sugar because I didn’t have enough regular sugar, and I thought I might have a little too much s/r for a kilo of jam sugar, which is often soft anyway. So I took what I’ve learned about unripe apples and got one and chopped it up and threw it in to boil with it.

It’s setting beautifully and it’s a gorgeous color and it smells amazing and it tastes SO GOOD. #pleased

I also made lemon curd yesterday, and tasted it just before I jarred it and OMG tart so I added another half cup of sugar and it was perfect. Then I turned one of the jars upside down without tightening the lid enough. Argh. But I mostly salvaged it.

AND a box of pectin, mac&cheese & chocolate chips arrived, only days after meeting up with a friend from California who had also brought chocolate chips, so now I have All The Chocolate Chips and made really nice cookies this evening.

Speaking of said friend’s visit…it was SO GREAT, wow! It had been–I don’t know, at least ten years since we’d seen each other, maybe twelve or thirteen, and we went to admire the Book of Kells and the Long Library and then got on a tour bus and totally ignored everything they said, so we decided to have lunch and then hang out at the Library Bar and just keep talking. It was *such* a nice day.

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