Strongbox Chronicles

Ok, just trying to keep track. I’ve received 7 paid-for orders for the second two Strongbox books, and one to-be-paid as soon as I determine how much it costs to ship ’em to Australia.

As far as I can tell, and have the last two sets on reserve, and there is at least one person who has expressed interest who is now on a waiting list. In order to be sure I’ll get all the books out on Wednesday, this is how I shall work it: if the reserved books aren’t paid for by 5pm Eastern on Monday, February 15th, I will contact the first person on the waiting list & give them a chance to get the set. (I swear this isn’t meant to embarrass the people who’ve reserved them, it’s just that I /know/ me, and if I don’t get all the books in the mail at once it’s extremely likely I’ll never get the later ones in the mail at *all*.)

My closet is now completely empty of FIREBIRD. I have one copy of CARDINAL left, and about a dozen copies of PHOENIX. I’m obviously going to have to try this again with the Walker Papers and the Negotiator trade paperbacks. Thank you all for helping me clear out the closet! :)

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