I have had a stupendously productive day.

I finished the second ElectriCity chapter. I got the cover for BABA YAGA’S DAUGHTER and posted it. I delivered via email the stories I was supposed to and delivered two packages to the post office to be sent far far away. I finished the laundry. I got “Easy Pickings” ready to go up on Amazon and B& I walked 3 miles. I did some video game dancing with my adorable dancing toddler. I fixed the cross-posting problem from to LJ. I ordered the Rockabilly dress, because a friend of mine said “If Catie was a dress, she would be that dress. She Must Have It,” and that was so awesome I decided I could lose twenty pounds and rock it. I have sent a request to my Kickstarter patrons and have been overwhelmingly granted it, the results of which will be made visible early next week.

I am awesome. And I have a trillion other things to do this weekend, but damn, I done good today. (Actually, I really only have to do one thing this weekend. It’s just that it’s largeish in scope: the Kickstarter write-up and associated stuff. And, er, it appears I’m finally getting around to updating/perhaps redesigning…)

This week I’ve been using the Kinect “Just Dance” game, which is ridiculously fun. It’s also, as hoped/anticipated, something I can do with Young Indiana’s, um, assistance. He loves to dance, so he’s much more tolerant of the “videos” than of any other form of exercise I might try–ie, I can do it for longer–and he gets to dance too, so he’s also having fun with it. I’ve also done a couple rounds on the “Your Fitness”, which actually has some pretty decent-seeming workouts, but what I’ve really learned this week is that I need to just go downstairs and do a workout first thing in the morning instead of trying to get a little work done first. So next week that’s what I’ll be trying to do. Because I have a really fantastic dress on the way and I’d like to fit into it sooner rather than later.

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