*sulk* Sports Authority doesn’t even carry men’s figure skates in the Anchorage store, and the whole point is to not have to guess as to what size I’d wear. Bastards. I’ll try going to Play It Again Sports tomorrow and see if THEY carry men’s figure skates. *sulk*

In other news, I, er, well. I got the bills paid, anyway!

And, actually, we also went over to the University Center, which is a mall despite sounding like it’s something to do with the University, except the University bought up half the mall and made it into its administrative stuff and apparently computer lab stuff and, um, stuff, so it really is the University Center like it sounds like it might be now, and got our Wolf Cards re-upped so we can use the gym. Had you forgotten where that sentence began by the time you got to the end? I just about had.

It looks all different and strange in there! They took out the movie theatre and all the stores and put up rooms and walls and offices and did it all in yellows and golds and greens, which are UAA’s colors, and wow, it’s very different and strange!