Aberdeen and I went to see Spy Kids 3-D yesterday, in keeping with tradition (we saw the first two together too) and although we’d have been happier if it hadn’t been in 3-D (I am not good at focusing on whatever magical point on the screen makes 3-D work properly; two or three times the whole thing slid into 3-D resolution, but mostly it was just off enough to be annoying), we enjoyed it. Also, if you’re going to see it, stay through the credits, ’cause there’s a cute something at the end. :)

Then we zipped over to Best Buy, because we’d forgotten to this morning, and Ted and I had a small Media Accident and got the first (season?) of Justice League, Daredevil, and the 2nd season of Highlander on DVD. Ted made homemade mac&cheese, and hotdogs for dinner, and we watched more Stargate. All is well.

I will attempt to finish Friday’s conference writeup today. :)