Supernatural Fitness Regime

I’ve sort of started getting into a schedule. Most of March was a complete wash, to exactly nobody’s surprise, but I’ve been working on a book since the end of March, and early in April I started (*shudder*) exercising. We’ve got an exercise bike in the shed, and–

–see, so, like, 6 years ago I’d given up on Supernatural, but then I was CONVINCED it was gonna wrap up with season 10 and I wanted to watch the end of the series with everybody else, right? So I started catching up, but just as I finished watching s9, they announced s11 and I threw the towel in. And of course when they announced s15 was gonna be the last, I had a moment of “Oh, too bad I won’t be caught up,” because I’d still like to, y’know, like, Be There At The End Of The Road, right?

Only know what’s happened now?

Like everything else, production on Supernatural has been shut down…with 2 episodes left to film. And I thought, “Well, if I start watching RIGHT NOW, I might be able to catch up and STILL BE THERE FOR THE END WITH EVERYBODY ELSE AFTER ALL.”

So on the 6th I started with s10, an episode a day while I use the exercise bike. I’m up to 60 minutes now, which is 1.5 episodes, so at the end of this first week I’ve watched 8 episodes, which…I’m pretty pleased about, actually. It’s proving to be entertaining enough to get me out to the bike so I can find out what happens, anyway.

Ultimately I hope to be watching 2 episodes a day, because my ambition right now is to get through the seasons available on Amazon Prime by my birthday, and that’s, uh, well, I had like 92 episodes and 55 days to watch them in. So. Yeah.

Anyway, the whole thing is like, this is both a very concrete goal (catch up before the last 2 episodes are aired) & a very nebulous one (because WHO KNOWS when they’ll film them, much less have them aired!), so…yeah, it’s like a thing. Of some kind.

And now, at the end of April, I’ve cycled 19 of the past 25 days, which is…pretty good, actually, isn’t it? I’ve just finished s10, having earned 2 non-exercise-bike episodes by cycling on a REAL bike, so I’m got to sit around like an actual lump and eat cookies and finish season 10 tonight. And I was VERY BRAVE and didn’t start s11 despite the cliffhanger, ’cause I HAVEN’T EARNED IT.

Which leaves me with 3 seasons to go by my birthday, EXCEPT s14 dropped on Amazon a couple days ago so now I have FOUR seasons to go by my birthday, which is 100% Not Happening. I’d have to watch a season a week, which would be…oh. hrm. well. hrm.

Ok, I’d been thinking THREE HOURS A DAY, NO WAY, but they’re 42 minute episodes so it’s actually just a smidge over 2 hours a day, which is UNLIKELY, but not IMPOSSIBLE. I mean, it might render me dead and unable to do anything else, but it wouldn’t be IMPOSSIBLE.

(I do not realistically expect to get through 4 seasons in 1 month. )

Anyway, this is the most consistently I’ve exercised in years. Granted, it’s a very, very low-key workout, bc the settings on the bike are something like the equivalent of
1=peddling on a flat surface
2=peddling up kilimanjaro
5=peddling thru granite

so i’m using 1.

But it makes me sweat &unlike a real bike, I’m peddling almost constantly bc there are no downhills to coast on. I have A Dream that eventually I’ll set it on Kilimanjaro instead of flat surface, but I thought I’d try to get to where I could get thru 2 episodes without dying, first.

(tbh, i could 100% do 2 eps without dying right now, as i’m not dying at 1.5 episodes. i’d probably even remain conscious the rest of the day. But that extra 20 minutes seems like A Lot, somehow. It’d probably seem like less if I was getting to the bike a little earlier, say, AT 7 instead of getting out of bed around 7. But…bird by bird, right? Right.)

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