sutff i did

Did I mention we went to The Importance of Being Ernest on Saturday? It was delightful. Hm. That may be the sum total of what I have to say this morning. :)

No, that’s not entirely true. A little update for my test readers, too: I have no idea how much I’ve written. I mean, I know how many words and chapters (16.5K, 8.5), but it’s all tremendously out of order and I’m not sure how much more needs to be written before I get it to a point where it becomes one cohesive unit that I can release into the wilds. Four chapters, I think (plus the other half chapter I need to finish). I’ll write tonight and probably tomorrow, and hopefully on Wednesday have a massive chunk for them what test-reads for me.

I shoulda written yesterday, perhaps, but man, it was a nice day off. :)

Off to the chiro!