Against the odds, I swam this evening (I’d been going waaah! some more, and I’d thought perhaps if Ted didn’t go to his martial arts class I wouldn’t go swimming, but suddenly I decided to) and had a fairly decent swim. I was sharing a lane most of the time, which always takes it down a notch — well, not always, but it did in this case — but I still did a timed 500 and came in at 8:45, which is pretty good, given the shape I’m in. Then I did 3 100s on 2 minutes, at 1:30, 1:40 and 1:43 respectively; had I done two more, I probably would have been riding 2 minutes exactly pretty hard on the last one, but since the final 500 was supposed to be my warmdown, I did a hard 50 backstroke (45 seconds; shoulda done better than that, but oh well) and then did a really lazy 150 to actually warm down. Overall, a pretty good swim. I think I’ll go to the gym and weight lift tomorrow. 2 days in a row of swimming is seeming like enough, at least at the moment.

swam: 3000 yards