Due to the sounds of traffic outside being slightly overwhelming to Young Indiana, we spent Saturday switching all the rooms around. Or their contents, anyway (pedants). Young Indiana’s room moved into what had been our bedroom, our bedroom moved into what had been the office/guest room, and the office moved into what had been Indy’s room. He’s happy because he can’t hear the cars now. I’m happy because I have a dedicated office.

I had, of course, just finished tidying the *old* office, and now this one is a disaster. I’m trying to get it sorted out. I will be having a postage sale soon, to that end. @.@

This morning’s goal was to hang the artwork up. The result was mostly that I hung the Ursula Vernon art that we bought 4 years ago for the baby’s room and never hung in Indy’s new room, and got one piece up in my office. I’d have gotten more of it up, I think, except it turns out several of my art pieces are in one of these boxes in here and I have no idea which one, so in order to get the art up I have to deal with the other stuff.

This is not very much like writing.

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