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    I am annoyingly perky. I can tell, because I annoyed my husband. :)

    We went to the gym this morning, see, and I swam a mile and exercise always perks me up. So I was kind of bouncing around the house getting ready to go out again and do errands (I have FINALLY sent all the books I was supposed to send! If I owe you one, and you do not get it by around the 22nd, please let me know!) and Ted said, “You’re *exhausting* me.” Oops. O.O :) But all this energy is good! I wrote my synopsis for the fifth Walker Papers! Yay!

    Our nephews are staying with Mom and Dad for a few days. We went over to visit them, and I was entreated to draw something “better than a car” (I drew a covered wagon, but not the horses, and Breic then wanted to know how it *moved*) and then was attacked by Iron Man (aka Seirid) and protected by Wolverine (aka Breic). Then Seirid was fighting The Thing, who turned invisible! I said, “The Invisible Woman must be with him!” and both boys looked blank. “Don’t you know who the Invisible Woman is?” I asked. Nope, they said. “You know who The Thing is, right? And the Human Torch? And Reed Richards?” Yes, yes, they knew all of them. I was offended that they didn’t know who the GIRL was, although by the time I got through listing the other three Breic had clued in to who the Invisible Woman was. Whew. :) Rampant sexism in the comics industry averted! :)

    My magnificent husband has made dinner, so I dash off to eat!

    miles to Isengard: 160
    ytd miles swum: 3

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