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    trying to adult but it’s so hard

    We’ve Finished Moving & Now I Will Focus On Fitness & Friendships: the (perennial) Catie Murphy Story

    Step 1: I have to cook now bc Ted has a job again (*quiet,distant sobbing*), so I’ll follow in his footsteps over the past 8 months & do lots of vegetarian cooking

    Step 2: Open His Cookbooks

    Step 3: *sobbing intensifies*

    Step 4: Wail to Ted that there are TOO MANY INGREDIENTS

    Step 5: Wait for him to stop laughing bc it’s so true

    Step 6: google ‘lazy vegetarian recipes’

    Step 7: sob more

    Step 8: plan to write a The Lazy Vegetarian cookbook bc these motherforkers don’t get what i mean by ‘lazy’

    Step 9: put air in the bike tires bc fork taking the bus gets expensive fast & also irritatingly i never seem to reach the weekly cap until Sunday afternoon which is just like almost useless, amirite?

    Step 10: get introductory month pass to the nearest yoga studio & try classes

    Step 11: try to actually use it

    Step 12: while also counting calories

    Step 13: remember that part of this deal is to try to be sociable too

    Step 14: cry some more

    Anyway so today shopping for food to make nice meals took so much out of me I bunted and made tuna noodle casserole, which uses up my tuna noodle casserole slot for the month, which is unfortunate, since it’s only the first of the month. :}

    Anyway, god, IDK, it’s been a horrifyingly long month, April I mean, and…my GOD has a lot happened, and I need to finish unpacking the office and the library, waugh, and I’m country miles behind on every project and they’ve all undergone a major shift due to Stuff, and just…

    Yeah, anyway, so I need to go to bed now because otherwise I’ll stay up all night flailing over what I need to do, and being even more fatigued will not help matters at all. :p

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