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    Fic: Walker Papers/Supernatural ‘thank you’ story

    I’ve written a little Walker Papers/Supernatural crossover fic story for you, my readers, basically because you’re wonderful.

    There are EPUB and MOBI versions of “Ghost Rider” available for download at my Patreon, or you can read it on mizkit.com. :)

    It’s one thing for freshly-minted shaman Joanne Walker’s past to come back to haunt her…but when it comes back with a vendetta aimed at her beloved 1969 Mustang, Petite, all bets are off. But with the help of a couple of really tall, really cute FBI agents who definitely aren’t who they say they are, Joanne might solve this mystery before it hurts somebody else’s Baby….

  • Daily Life

    oh, *wow*

    I have the most amazing readers and friends in the world. Oh my goodness. I just received a package in the mail filled with incredibly warm snuggly crocheted things: fingerless gloves, a shawl, a shrug, and neck warmers. Oh my gosh. So, so snuggly. So cuddly. I will never take this shrug off.


    And the *stitching* on the shawl! Oh my gosh! You can just sink your fingers right into it.

    Joliene, who sent these, exhorts me to stay warm and healthy with these items. I think that is a very, very good idea. ♥ :) :) :)

    ytd wordcount: 39,100

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