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    life beyond the 8-ball

    I’ve complained bitterly enough in the past about having a hard time writing and exercising (or writing and ANYTHING, for that matter), so in a fit of celebration at being out from behind the 8-ball (I apparently need an 8-ball icon…) I got up and went swimming this morning. That plan was nearly thwarted by me being an *idiot* and leaving my goggles, swim cap, shampoo and water bottle at the pool *last* time I went swimming, which was what, a week ago? However, in a fit of “they don’t clean up here very often, do they?”, my gear was still all in the locker I’d left it in. So I’m equal parts appalled and grateful about that. I swam a thousand yard^H^H^H^Hmeters (I will *never* get used to that) and my shoulder is…okay. I really do need about a week’s worth of massages.

    Today I’m cleaning house and printing out the DH manuscript during word wars (but I’ll be there, logged in!), because our landlord’s coming over tomorrow and I thought it’d be good to present to him a tidy home. And I realized today that my plan to have the book in by next Friday may be thwarted by the fact that I need to re-read the first 3 books and Kate’s visit this weekend. So maybe it’ll be slightly later than the 15th. No big.

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