Kitsnaps: Tiger

Tiger: the February picture for the 2014 CE Murphy photographic calendar. I gave several people copies of the calendar for Christmas. Upon seeing this picture, there were gasps of, “How close did you have to get for this picture?!” I was really about three feet away, probably; the tiger was obligingly lying near the glass of its enclosure, and I had a good lens on the camera. :)

Prowling Sumatran tiger at Dublin Zoo

Kitsnaps: Prowling

Just in case you were under the impression you might not be lunch. This one I think is really more of a high-quality snapshot than a Kitsnap, which I like to imagine have, like, Artistic Merit, but not everything has to be top shelf, right? Right. I have to figure out some way to reduce the size of the images landing on LJ, since 800px on a side is, well, too big. I mean, this all looks utterly fabulous on mizkit.com itself, but most of you, I believe, are reading…

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