• Castle Key

    Kitsnaps: Castle Key

    Castle Key
    Castle Key
    I believe it’s Castle Key, and Lough Key, that the Fairy Bridge photograph was taken at, and where I wish to go again with the 40 & 50mm lenses to take pictures of the bluebells. :)

    Yes, yes it is. I just went and looked it up. This would be another place I’d want to recommend to tourists, or possibly just people with small children, as there’s a lot of ground to run around on here, and good stuff to play on, and also it’s preposterously beautiful. That castle is, in fact, in the middle of a lake. How utterly fictional of it. :)

  • Carrignass Castle
    Kitsnaps,  Photography

    Kitsnaps: Carrignass Castle

    Carrignass Castle
    Carrignass Castle
    Ruined castle on the road to Bantry. There’s an old stone bridge about an arm’s span wide leading up to this place, and we watched cars navigate the bridge with the nervous horror of people certain they’re about to witness utter doom AT ANY MOMENT. We didn’t, but the I’m sure it’s still waiting to happen.

    The castle, though, was really worth stopping at. You can’t get into the actual ruins, but we were able to go all around them. As you can see, the river running by is in quite the little ravine, making the place quite defendable. (What, don’t normal people consider this when looking at ruins?) Anyway, it’s another good reason to risk the road to Bantry. :)

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