okay, okay

I have bowed to peer pressure (mostly from ) and have created a Facebook fan page for, er, myself. (Honestly, FB has it set up so it really wants you to do it yourself, even if that seems uncomfortably weird to me.) I’ll do, I don’t know, something interesting, give away a book or answer one question about one of the series or something, when I reach 100 fans, and another when I reach 250. And since I guess I’m doing Shameless Self Promotion this week, I might as well…

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oh, er, um oh

Er, Urban Fantasy Land seems to have presented HANDS OF FLAME as one of their possible ‘best books’ of 2008. It’s a very scientific decision as to who wins, based entirely on internet voting, and I’m a bit late to the game (the poll’s been up three weeks and ends tomorrow night, and I only just found out three minutes ago), but if you’d like to go vote, then heck, you might even win a B&N or Amazon gift certificate, too. :)

miss spammity spam spam

I completely forgot that I had an interview going up at Dear Author today. It’s my First Sale Story, which I still think is pretty funny. :) (Dear Author also gave me a quite nice review of TQB, which I thought was, well, nice of them. :)) I actually wrote some New Material today. Only about 1500 words, and I ended up moving what had been the end of this chapter into another chapter, so now I’ve got 10 or 15 pages to write to finish this chapter. Again. But…

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Books I Have Wrote

(Um. Reposting this because for some weird reason, LJ ate the post. This is not the first time this has happened. Does anybody have any idea if it’s even *possible* to retrieve a post that LJ has wiped out? I mean, I have no particular attachment to the post itself, but there were comments on it, not all of which I’d responded to yet (ie, yes, mony, you *have* known me a long time, and stuff like that)…) (…oh, I bet I know what happened. I edited the entry on…

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