The Church of St Patrick, Dundalk

Kitsnaps: St Patrick’s Church, Dundalk

“The Church of St. Patrick is a very large Roman Catholic church,” says Wikipedia. Yes. Yes it is. :) This is St Pat’s in Dundalk, up near the border, and it’s really rather ridiculously splendid. I could have spent a quite considerable amount of time trying to get some really good pictures of it, and going inside to get more, but I was travelling with a small child, which puts the kibosh on that sort of activity. I liked these ones, though. :)

St Colman's Cathedral

Kitsnaps: St Coleman’s Cathedral

St Colman’s Cathedral and the town centre in Cobh. Apparently it was a Cobh week for my Kitsnaps files. :)

Cork City Skyline

Kitsnaps: Cork City Skyline

The cathedral featured is St Finbarr’s, and the towers there are known as…I forget what. It’s something to do with being financed by the Irish stout makers, so they’re Guinness and Beamish, or something like that. :) And it’s possible that the apse picture was taken inside there. :)


Kitsnaps: Idolatry

I don’t remember which church or cathedral this is (Kate might know–it could be the Kinsale church), but we stood around gapint at the ceiling for quite a long time. This is the…there’s a special word for it, but I donno what it is. The dome above the altar and all. I was looking straight upward to take the picture.


Kitsnaps: Canal Reflection

Actually, despite the name, this may well be a river reflection. I think this may be the River Barrow in Athy (A-thigh, rather than ATH-ee, which I insisted on reading it as at first), rather than the canal that also runs through Athy. Either way, it’s pretty. :)