climate change

I have another climate change/politics/green rant building, but I do not have time to write it, so I went and looked up my Temper Tantrum Rant of a few years ago and discovered it… …fails to apply to many of the things I want to say, but also manages to, so just go read that […]

…but it wouldn’t be true. I will keep my rants to a minimum, though. Discussion on my earlier post prompted salient commentary elsewhere. Since I went off on a climate change shout-a-thon last week, it seems like I probably ought to link to this petition, encouraging the EPA to support carbon restrictions. It’s my somewhat […]

Yesterday’s rant spawned half a dozen or more “you should write a book” comments (and one “this would make a great art installment monologue” *laughs*). Truth is, I’d love to. On one hand I think it’s already been done, and so well that I couldn’t hope to play in the same league. That’s Kim Stanley […]