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    I need…

    …to live someplace where there are enough people I know around that I can throw Dessert Parties. I have all these great dessert cookbooks (Mrs Fields’ I LOVE CHOCOLATE Cookbook, a cheesecake cookbook, an ice cream recipe book…) and no reason to make any of the desserts in them. There are a hundred recipes in the Mrs Fields book. It could take years to go through just /that/ one. But the desserts are mostly too extravagant to make just for two people, and they’re *all* too *large* for just a couple people, so I never make any of them. But it’d be kind of fun to make, like, five different kinds of things for a party so everybody could get a taste and nobody would be too bloated. But I would need, you know. People around.

    Ardian (and Mark Powers, the guy adapting the Dresden Files novels to comic form) has an interview with the Comics Waiting Room.

    I’m very tired of doing revisions. The DEMON HUNTS revisions aren’t at all difficult, but I’ve been working on mostly revisions for the past six weeks, and I’m tired of them. I want to write something new. Or possibly take six months off, but I have gone to some effort to make sure *that* won’t happen. Which reminds me that I had a discussion with comics artist Matthew Dow Smith the other day which went something like this:

    Matt: I’m trying to get all my side projects sorted out. Somehow I ended up with way more side projects than I intended to this year.
    Kit: Me too. How does that happen?
    Matt: Freelancers can’t say no.
    Kit: Oh yearh.
    Matt: Also we overflow with creative genius.
    Matt: But mostly, freelancers can’t say no.

    miles to Minas Tirith: 460

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