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I’m having one of those days where I’ve got a bunch of things bubbling away and none of them are ready to talk about and so what I’m left with is just wanting to seize people and say “I KNOW SUCH COOL PEOPLE OMG LOOK AT THEM, THEY’RE SO COOL!” because I can’t be more specific. Except in a few cases I can. For example: my long-time friend Ellen Million’s coloring book for so-called-grown-ups Kickstarter is heading into its last week and only needs about another $1K to make 10x…

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I knew there was something I was forgetting! I’m participating in a world record attempt with the Irish Writers Centre TODAY! They’ve got 111 authors lined up to read consecutively from their own works, starting at 10am Irish time and going until 2pm tomorrow! So at 5pm Irish time (noon Eastern, 9am Pacific) I’ll be reading a short excerpt (part of chapter 4) from URBAN SHAMAN! You can watch it LIVE at the IWC website!

She has us pegged.

I checked my friends-list this morning and found Ursula being artistically antsy, and laughed out loud to read the following line: I think of myself as lazy most of the time, but if I’m being objective, my standards are totally warped there, and C.E. Murphy and Ellen Million and I will someday wind up sharing a padded room on that particular topic. This is particularly funny to me right now, as it was yesterday that I kind of went, “…y’know, I may have overloaded myself again…” I suspect she has…

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