Blarney Butterfly

Kitsnaps: Blarney Butterfly

At some point I had looked up what kind of butterfly this is, but I’ve long since forgotten. These flowers, though, attract them, and there’s a whole garden area on the Blarney Castle grounds where they cultivate the flowers to draw the insects. It was wonderful fun in there with my friend Susannah, creeping after butterflies and inhaling the scent of the blooms.

Blarney Cabin

Kitsnaps: Blarney Cabin

The Blarney Castle grounds go on forever, and here and there you find unexpected bits of the past cropping up. This is one of them, a secluded, lovely cabin down by a stream and near to the lily pad lake. I could live there, given half a chance.

Kitsnaps: Cork

Kitsnaps: Cork

This is almost the first thing you see upon leaving the train station in Cork. Usually it’s not quite that foreboding. :)

Cork City Hall

Kitsnaps: Cork City Hall

This is probably the first night shot I ever took that was worth anything. It was taken during a photography course offered in Cork, which I enjoyed enormously and should probably do more of. Although not in Cork. :)